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Jan 12, 2022
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Preparation: a list of stores that you want to Follow first, stores that you want to research and get to know more about their marketing plan.
1: Access the shop list management area at
2: Look for the Create New Shop button
3: You will see an area that allows you to enter a list of shop names by line, after filling in the name of the shop you want to Follow, press Save so that the system will put it on the Follow list.
Note: The number of shops added to the Follow system will be limited according to the Plan that you have previously registered.
4: Now in the shop list management screen, you will see the list loaded
It will need up to 24hrs to update the system.
notion image
Areas marked by number:
  1. Name of the shop
  1. Age of the shop
  1. The shop's update time, any update in the shop such as changing the listing, shop information, .... will appear here
  1. Number of listings
  1. Total Favorites
  1. Total sold
  1. Daily sold is the number of sales that change every day based on the calculation from the system from the previous day
  1. The latest updated time of the system
Note: Using this function combined with the parameter of the Extension, it will be a lot easier to predict the potential products.

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