How to use the extension: step-by-step guiding

Jan 12, 2022
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How to use:

  1. Trial Use
  1. Payment and renewal
  1. Extension License Code Generation
  1. Using Highlight to find potential products
  1. Following competitors
  1. How to use Sort and Filter function
  1. Trending Features


I want a trial use before purchasing?
Please register an account at and contact our assistant in the corner of the screen so they can send a trial request to our team.
How long will the trial use last?
The trial use will last for 3 days
If I open multiple Chrome Tabs at once, will the extension work?
Opening multi Tabs at once makes the process of returning data from the server incorrect.
Team Dev encourages users to only open one Tab when using the Extension for accurate data.
Why does this Extension run slower than other tools?
Our tool analyzes data in real-time and data is aggregated from a huge data source inside the Database, that why sometimes the system needs a longer time to process.
Can I use the Extension on multiple devices?
You can use this tool on multiple devices, however, you can not use the Extension on 2 devices simultaneously.
The system will Block Extension in a short time if detected.
Do I have to have an Etsy Shop account to use the tool?
This tool does not require you to have an Etsy Shop like other tools that are available in the market

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